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B-Complex, Balanced*
B6, Vitamin*
B12 Complete, Liquid*
Barley Juice Powder*
Bee Pollen*   (Russian)
Bentonite, Hydrated*
Bergamot BIO*
Bifidophilus Flora Force   (Russian)
Bilberry Fruit Concentrate*
Black Cohosh*
Black Currant Oil*
Black Ointment*
Black Walnut*   (Russian)
Blessed Thistle*
Blood Build, Chinese (BP-C)*   (Russian)
Blood Pressurex*
Bone - Skin Poultice (BON-C)*   (Russian)
Blood Sugar Formula, Ayurvedic (NBS-AV)*
Blue Cohosh*
Blue Vervain*
Bowel Detox*
Bowel Build  
Brain-Protex with Huperzine
Breast Assured*   (Russian)
Breast Enhance*
Breathe Activator (TCM Concentrate), Chinese*
Breathe Free*   (Russian)
Bronchial Formula, Ayurvedic (BRN-AV)*
Burdock*   (Russian)
Butches Broom

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